Pathology Panel

Hematology Panel

The group is composed of hematologists and hematopathologists. The main goal is to review all the cases included in the project and confirm the diagnosis and main pathological characteristics of the tumors including morphology, phenotype and general genetic and molecular alterations. The diagnosis of all cases included in the genomic study need to be confirmed by a panel of at least three hematopathologists. The Pathology Panel meets periodically to discuss the cases and reach a consensus on the diagnosis. This is one of the major requirements of the ICGC to assure that the comprehensive genomic studies developed in the samples included in the project correspond to precisely diagnosed tumor samples. 

The main activities of the panel are:
  • To review clinical data.
  • To reanalyze immunophenotypic and cytogenetics information of cases included in the consortium.
  • To organize periodical meetings to review the morphology of peripheral blood and other available tissues.
  • To integrate clinical and biological data.
  • To require additional studies for atypical cases resubmitted to the panel.
  • The consensus diagnosis reached by the panel is recorded into the CLL database.