The overall objective of the CLL Genome Project is to generate a comprehensive catalogue of genomic alterations in 500 independent tumors, including clinical, biological, and epidemiological information. The ultimate goal is to decipher the enormous diversity and complexity of the changes in the human cancer genome, mostly still unknown, which are responsible for the development and progression of the different types of the disease with the aim of improving its prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To identify the different types of somatic genomic alterations occurring in CLL.    
  2. To characterize the epigenomic alterations that may be involved in the disease.
  3. To establish the transcriptome profiles of the same tumors.
  4. To promote functional and clinical studies to validate the usefulness of the identified alterations.
  5. To share the data available with the scientific community as quickly as possible.
  6. To coordinate the participation of the CLL Consortium in the ICGC activities.