University of Oviedo

The University of Oviedo (UniOvi) is co-directing the CLL genome project. The group lead by Carlos Lopez-Otín has a long experience in the analysis of complete genomes from numerous organisms, as well as in the study of the molecular mechanisms implicated in the development and progression of different types of cancer. The long background in both fields has been useful to design the different strategic lines which had been followed by the CLL genome consortium since its constitution in 2008.

The role of the University of Oviedo-IUOPA in the project can be divided in three different parts: a technical part, in which the genetic material from the different patients is processed in order to capture the coding exons from all human genes; an analytical part, in which our laboratory is responsible for the analysis of the data derived from the sequencing of whole cancer genomes and exomes to identify the mutations present in the cancer cells; and finally, our laboratory develops novel technologies and software for the analysis of cancer genomes, which are currently adopted by other consortiums to analyze their own data.


Staff Involved
  • Carlos López-Otín
  • Xose S. Puente
  • Victor Quesada
  • Gonzalo R. Ordóñez
  • Diana A. Puente
  • Gloria Velasco
  • Jose M. Freije
  • Beatriz G. Magán