Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (HCB) is the coordinating institution of the CLL Genome Project. The hospital is a reference center for healthcare and research in Spain and Southern Europe. It is one of the most important healthcare centers in Spain and provides quality, patient-focused care, biomedical research of the highest competitive order and great dedication to teaching and training professionals.  The HCB is one of the main centers of the Medical School of the University of Barcelona. 

The Hemato-Oncology Program has a long tradition of more than 50 years in the Institution with special interest in lymphoid neoplasias and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in particular. The Institution has been pioneer in the introduction of innovative and advances diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and develop very active and competitive research projects with a broad network of national and international collaborations. The success of the Hemato-Oncology program is based on the close and integrated collaboration of Clinical Hematology Department, the Hematopathology Unit of the Department of Pathology and the Research groups of the associated Institut d’Investigacions Biomediques August Pi I Sunyer.  Other groups in the Institution, as the Immunology department, participate in specific parts of the CLL Genome project.    

The groups of the HCB participating in the CLL Project are: 

Hematopathology Group, led by Dr. Elías Campo, Scientific Director of the project. The main activities of this group are:

  • Diagnosis and pathology study of all the patients including the morphological, phenotypic genetic and molecular characterization of all the samples. 
  • Coordination for the sample annotation and management of the consortium. This activity includes the tumor and normal cell purification and preservation, DNA and RNA extraction, quality controls of DNA, sample biobanking and data base management. 
  • Molecular and genetic studies of the lymphoid neoplasias. The research activity developed by the group aims to integrate basic and clinical science. Under this perspective the main goal is the characterization of the lymphoid neoplasias from a multidisciplinary perspective in order to understand the mechanisms involved in their development and progression, refine the diagnostic and prognostic criteria, and establish the molecular bases for the development of new therapeutic strategies.
  • The group integrates several areas that include morphology, immunophenotype, molecular biology, cytogenetics, and genomic technologies.
Clinical Hematology Group lead by Armando Lopez-Guillermo is in charge of selecting and studying the clinical data of all patients included in the project. 

The Immunology Group participates in the functional studies of the mutation in the genome sequence of the CLLs.

Staff Involved
  • Elías Campo
  • Dolors Colomer
  • Marta Aymerich
  • Pedro Jares
  • María Rozman
  • Neus Villamor
  • Ana Carrió
  • Dolors Costa
  • Luis Hernández
  • Silvia Bea
  • Alba Navarro
  • Laura Conde
  • Mónica López-Guerra
  • Sara Guijarro
  • Cristina López
  • Armando López Guillermo
  • Julio Delgado
  • Eva Giné
  • Tycho Baumann
  • Jordi Yagüe
  • Manel Juan