Cancer Investigation Center-IBMCC

The group of Prof. Jesús San Miguel at the Haematology Department, University Hospital, Cancer Investigation Center-IBMCC (USAL-CSIC), Salamanca, Spain, has been working on Hematological malignancies over the last 25 years. In the area of cell biology the most singular characteristic has been the integration of cytogenetics, molecular biology, immunophenotyping and immunology in order to acquire a compressive view of the tumor clone and to analyze how these biological characteristics influence on disease outcome. Nevertheless, probably the most relevant role of the group in the area of Biology is to serve as the reference laboratory for the Spanish cooperative groups (multiple myeloma, acute & chronic leukemias etc...) which allows that all patients have an immunophenotypic, cytogenetic, and molecular disease characterization. In the present project our group performs clinical and biological studies (collecting CLL samples, clinical and prognostic data and carring out inmmunophenotipic, cytogenetic and molecular studies) as well as participates in the pathology panel that reviews and confirms the diagnosis.

Staff Involved
  • Jesús F San Miguel Izquierdo
  • Marcos González Díaz
  • Jesús M Hernández Rivas
  • Enrique de Álava
Associated Investigators
  • Ana Eugenia Rodríguez Vicente
  • M. Carmen Chillón
  • Wendy Nieto
CIC Salamanca