Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC is the Spanish National Supercomputing Center (BSC). The mission of BSC is to investigate, develop and manage information technology in order to facilitate scientific progress. BSC provides access to MareNostrum (~100 TF machine) to a large community of users. BCS–CNS is not only a supercomputing services centre, but also a research centre with 125+ researchers in all levels of supercomputer design (architecture, programming models, operating system, performance tools) and several application areas (engineering, life sciences and earth sciences). BSC is involved in projects related to infrastructure (DEISA, PRACE, ELIXIR) and mobility of researchers (HPC-Europa). Since it creation, BSC has been able to gain a respected position within top HPC service and research institutions.

Computational Genomics Group: This group works in the primary analysis and annotation of different genomes and metagenomes. Main research areas are the design of methods for the recognition of regulatory regions in DNA, using conservation rules or physical principles, the understanding the physical rules governing chromatine structure, the physical mechanisms of epigenetic control of gene expression, and the molecular characterization of diseases from genomic and proteomic data.

INB - Computational Bioinformatics Node: BSC holds a close relationship with the Spanish National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB), hosting its Computational Node and with the National Centre for Genomic Analysis, the major sequencing facility in Spain. The INB, and its BSC node has implemented already an extensive set of bioinformatics web-services and  together with the necessary interfaces, and has an great experience on data management. BSC participates actively in the large European projects for setting infrastructure for bioinformatics (ELIXIR, TransPlant) and has experience in the integration of bioinformatics in HPC environments, and in the generation of middleware for grid and cloud technologies, compatible with supercomputing environments.


Staff Involved
  • Josep Ll. Gelpí
  • Modesto Orozco
  • David Torrents
  • Romina Royo
  • Alexis Torrano
  • Xavier Pastor
  • Valentí Moncunill